Spring is here!

Spring is here!, with new exciting colours and natural light. Last week we saw and experienced “nearly” summer in London and the whole neighbourhood transformed into smiling people who were spending those extra minutes outdoors in order to catch a little bit extra of that vitamin D “happy – bursts” from the sun. I have spent the last few days looking at flower arrangements and also seen this years interior design life starting with the inspiration from just that. Flowers, and the use of colours from flowers. We have seen the last years, with the start during the recession, turning the design scene from a very masculine and tough style into a more soft and feminine one and I believe that this year will be even more so. I dont think that I have ever seen so many shades of reds, pinks, oranges, greens and blues mixed together as well as used individually. Seeing that we also have the Queens Diamond Jubilee in London this year as well as the 2012 Olympics many property owners are busy with refurbishments and dressing up their properties for a good rental short – term income from our (Londons) many visitors. My advice to those who are diy:ers: be practical and ensure that all items have their own pointed out environment. If you are planning to appoint a professional for the task then dont leave it too late. As we use products that are generally not possible to purchase by the general public but needs to be purchased through interior designers we do ensure quality and sustainability and we will take care of the planning and design development all the way through to the staging, if desired.




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