Artist Anna Carin Stein exhibits in London in October.

Our very talented Swedish but Tokyo based artist and supplier will have some of her artwork arriving in London in a few weeks, just in time for the exhibition at Parallax Art Fair in Chelsea Town Hall. 

Her artwork will be exhibited on the 13th – 14th October (Saturday-Sunday), 11am – 5pm. 

We will be giving away 2 free tickets to the show. Please email us on with the reference ” ACART” if you would want to be one of the happy winners.  Closing date is 7th October. 

We thought that this “Sunny Autumn” would inspire and warm you up in this London autumn season.

We have asked Anna Carin to introduce herself and her work to us and our audience from her studio in Tokyo: 

Hello, i have from early age been painting regularly and i am now a full-time artist. Living both in Sweden and Japan means that the paintings are influenced by travelling and different cultures. I like to paint with inspiration from the various places around the world I visit. I Trust my feeling that the pictures emanate from me, from my soul and this is what I want to show the world. I am and I want to be global.

In my artwork, I use Japanese various nice paper , acrylic paints on Japanese paper. I like to do it colorful and I use a special tool for the acrylic paints, no brushes. Also, a little black stretch-figure is present in my paintings, my mark, above my signature.

Several exhibitions In Sweden and one at Swedish Embassy in Tokyo. Artfairs in Belgium, Sweden and now London at Parallax Art Fair.

The American artbook “International Contemporary Masters VI”, coming in December 2012. You can by it on and you can see 3 of my artworks.

Born In Sweden 1955. Living in Malmoe Sweden and Tokyo Japan. My husband and I love to travel and maybe we put done our suitcases in a new place, a new town soon or the future to live in!

Website: Blog:

For further requests about Anna Carins art please call 0700 3496 746 or email alternatively Anna Carin herself at


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