New York Design Week 2015

We’ve got some beautiful pick’s from New York Design Week 2015, like a fresh breath of air from the continent on the other side of our earth.

1. Yumi Chair in ash Veneer, Kishimoto Design

2. Saji Chair in ash veneer, Kishimoto Design

3-5. A new kind of chair for all kinds of moments by Designarium

6. Pride Mirror, in gold of copper from Se

7. Stardust sofa from Se

8. Throw from natural sheep fur (no colours added) from the lovely company Roros Tweed in beautiful Norway.

Enquire within

web saji 1

kishimotodesign.com_yumi chair 5.1

ca15491302d36e3dafacf0bcdf609f59 Se

Natural sheep felt

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