This years colour of the year do not cover only one colour but two. On the one hand we have the female and somewhat girlie rose quartz and on the other hand we have a more baby boyish Serenity blue, to name it in a traditional way. This does not mean however that those colours are aimed specifically for each of the sexes. The actual rose is indigenous to Syria according to Easton’s bible dictionary. Considering that the light pink colour of rose quartz has a calming effect on people and therefore has a tendency to diminish anger in people it seems as a fitting choice of a colour of the year at times like this when unrest exists in Syria and its surroundings and other parts of the world. Tests has for years been made in jails for example regarding this subject and has proven that light pink colours have the effect mentioned. A quartz is a kind of Crystal. Rock crystal is very plentiful on our planet and can occur in single crystals that can weigh several tons. In ancient times people developed many uses for crystal. Recently, the largest recorded crystal was 20 feet long, several feet thick, and weighed more than 44 tons – found in Brazil (according to the precious stone of the bible website). Quartz stones and semi-precious stones are beautiful additions in the home, as wall coverings, on floors, as bespoke baths and bathroom furniture and as home accessories and they come in many colours (including malachite that we wrote about a few months ago), some in patterns that can be book-matched. Some can be bought ready-made but in-house we also work with craftspeople that create bespoke options after our drawings for our clients within our interior architecture services.

The meaning for Serenity is: the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. Serenity blue is a beautiful choice for interiors. In the mood board below are some sample choices of wedding designs (also see our wedding design services here) for example where serenity has been the choice colour as well as the sea coral, beautiful European linen, rocking chairs or hand painted tiles and handmade Armenian rugs.

Peace be in the house

Mood board photos from various sources.

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