Happy New Year 2016!

It has been an interesting year with new products to our web shop and 2016 will see even more.

We did not see much of the colour of the year Masala but i think that the new colour of the year for 2016 which will be light pink and light blue will be more attractive.

Within our Christmas and New year campaign which will last until 15 March 2016 purchases of our web shop products and of our interior design services will go to our support to the *A21 campaign in their work to combat global trafficking. The campaign lasts until 14 March 2016. T&C’s apply. We give 7% of the profit.

The A21 Campaign is a global anti-human trafficking 
organization dedicated to eradicating modern-day slavery in the 21st century. With 11 offices in ten countries around the world, A21 works tirelessly to rescue, restore, and rebuild the lives of human Trafficking victims. Human life is invaluable, 

and A21 will not stop until the 27 million men, women, and children trapped in slavery are set free.”

We look forward to see you in the new year.

View original message HERE

Anna Hansson
at Anna Hansson Design

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